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We will provide you the best nature travel experience of the unseen beauty of Sri Lanka. What's special in our service is that the mother nature wouldn't even know that we visited her. Learn More


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Mahesh 04 Feb 2017 530

Is camping in an island a millionaire's thing....? No, Not in Sri Lanka

We all have experienced that dream; “Endless symphonies by the waves in a golden beach, which is facing a light blue sea in a romantic evening...” To own such an island, at least for a night is a dream for most of us. WAIT!! It’s not.....

Chamod 20 Oct 2016 636

A night by the sea with beautiful sea shells and billion stars

Endless symphonies by the waves, billions of stars to light up the shore, and cool breeze to calm your soul...

Chamod 13 Oct 2016 972

Spend a Night in a Fortress Surrounded by the Sea

It is not everyday that one gets to spend time within the confines of a well fortified man made Fort located a stones throw away from the mainland. Better still, a discerning experience awaits those willing to take the plunge.